Improve your thinking skills

Are you looking for ways to improve your thinking skills or memory skills, or perhaps you are just fascinated about the brains full potential and looking for new methods and strategies for you to reach your full potential, if so then ‘use your head’ written by the worlds bestselling author on the brain and learning, Tony Buzan is a must read.

This book explains about the true potential of your brain in such an engrossing manner the book will be difficult to put down once started. Not only does it introduce you to many ground-breaking strategies to improve your memory, creativity, reading and study skills but it also discusses the different types of intelligence such as creative, personal and social, many of which and unfortunately get overlooked in society today. Traditional intelligence such as verbal, numerical and spatial are the skills which today s education system mainly focus on but this book demonstrates how equally important other skills are, and how they all compliment one another.

This book really makes you realize just how under developed most of our brains are, and how much potential still lies dormant, waiting to be explored, it discusses the different parts of the brain and its function such as the left side dealing with logic, words, analysis etc and the right side dealing with creativity, imagination, daydreaming etc, it also discusses how they are crucially both connected to compliment one another.

There is so much information in this book relating to the true potential of the human brain that after reading it you will be eager to develop yours further. The author, Tony Buzan, describes the brain as a BAM – Branching Association Machine, and a biological super computer, and when you read this book you will most probably feel the same.

Finally,this is one of those books that after you have read, you will want to share it with others, it is one of those books you will want to talk about especially if matters like this interest you, should you decide to purchase, pass it on, not left on the shelf!

logical thinking puzzles

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Are you looking for some of the best logical thinking puzzles?.

Here you will find a selection of the best selling puzzles and games on the market. Not only are they great fun but they will teach you to start thinking logically the moment you start playing, without even knowing it.

You will discover who is the most logical thinker in the family!

Thinking logical is a learnt mental process and anyone can do it, but it takes practice and the more you practice, the faster your brain will adapt.

By thinking logically you will become smarter, you will reach more accurate conclusions in your life, and decisions will be easier to make.



teaching your child logic and self confidence

Are you……………..

looking for simple ways to help your child develop into a confident young adult?

or are you looking for methods on how to teach children logical thinking. Did you know Praise alone will not achieve this. Think about how we as adults feel when we actually accomplish or achieve something and how it makes us feel.

If a person was told everyday how brilliant they were at something. Would they believe that statement was true? . No However If someone did something every day and gradually started believing for themselves they were becoming good at doing something from “struggle and achieving” They would then start to believe that statement was true. No amount of being told alone would develop self confidence. It is only by participating and learning from your own mistakes will you develop self confidence. Self belief is crucial to become self confident.

Children need opportunities to be able to develop self confidence, no amount of praise alone will achieve this.

It really is no different to an adult. Imagine setting a goal to run a marathon, imagine how you would feel when you complete that marathon. Imagine trying to solve a problem, imagine how it makes us feel when we find a solution to that problem. The best thing you can do to help a child is provide the opportunities to discover how to solve problems. Let them see the consequences of their own actions and learn from them. This will develop true self confidence. This is the philosophy behind Teaching with Love & Logic: Taking Control of the Classroom

Making children accountable for their own actions, but at the same time showing you as a parent how to handle those consequences in a positive way. It is a very positive way to prepare children for adulthood.

The Author – Who is Jim Fay?

For over fifty years, Jim Fay has worked with schools, families, and children in the areas of teaching, parenting, discipline. In 1977, along with internationally renounced psychiatrist Dr. Foster W. Cline, he founded the Love and Logic Institute which is dedicated to helping parents and educators create responsible kids. We know you will enjoy this book by beloved storyteller and parenting expert, Jim Fay, as he speaks to parents, educators, and community leaders about how to discipline kids without losing their love or respect. Jim has wrote numerous books and this one is “parenting with love and logic” which can really help to put things into perspective about positively raising your child.


Allowing my children to make their own choices and then take the responsibility and consequences for their actions has really simplified my life. I find myself thinking several times a day “What effect does this problem have on me?” when the answer is nothing I can now leave it for my children to solve. Bedtime and homework have become virtually painless for all of us. This book really opened my eyes about a better way to present things to my kids. Offering them choices really does make a difference. I wish I had read this book sooner!

Read more about how this book has helped thousands of parents and children across the globe.

Teaching with Love & Logic: Taking Control of the Classroom