Critical Thinking skills

So what is critical thinking? – Critical Thinking is an important skill in both professional and academic fields, it enables us to clarify goals, examines assumptions and evaluate evidence.

Critical thinking is a skill which allows us to deal with “problems in life”

We find ourselves today frequently confronted with arguments, these are attempts to influence our beliefs and actions, for example, being told to buy something, believe in something, make this choice or that choice, make this decision or that decision.  
Nowadays attempts to influence us are enormous which understandably prevents us from thinking clearly and behaving rationally, nowadays far too many people are taken advantage of due to them lacking or implementing critical thinking skills, and reality is that many of us tend to just go with the flow without analysis or questioning  the choices we make, often referred to as arguments.

Critical thinking allows you to use certain methods and techniques to help improve your ability as to whether or not you should act upon this advice, it is assessing arguments and whether or not you should be persuaded by them, implementing critical thinking allows you to reach sound judgements and beliefs.


John Dewey who was an American educational leader recognized that by building thinking skills would benefit an individual learner but also the community and democracy we live in. He defined critical thinking as  “Active, persistent, and careful consideration of a belief or supposed form of knowledge in the light of the grounds which support it and the further conclusions to which it tends.