Improve your thinking skills

Are you looking for ways to improve your thinking skills or memory skills, or perhaps you are just fascinated about the brains full potential and looking for new methods and strategies for you to reach your full potential, if so then ‘use your head’ written by the worlds bestselling author on the brain and learning, Tony Buzan is a must read.

This book explains about the true potential of your brain in such an engrossing manner the book will be difficult to put down once started. Not only does it introduce you to many ground-breaking strategies to improve your memory, creativity, reading and study skills but it also discusses the different types of intelligence such as creative, personal and social, many of which and unfortunately get overlooked in society today. Traditional intelligence such as verbal, numerical and spatial are the skills which today s education system mainly focus on but this book demonstrates how equally important other skills are, and how they all compliment one another.

This book really makes you realize just how under developed most of our brains are, and how much potential still lies dormant, waiting to be explored, it discusses the different parts of the brain and its function such as the left side dealing with logic, words, analysis etc and the right side dealing with creativity, imagination, daydreaming etc, it also discusses how they are crucially both connected to compliment one another.

There is so much information in this book relating to the true potential of the human brain that after reading it you will be eager to develop yours further. The author, Tony Buzan, describes the brain as a BAM – Branching Association Machine, and a biological super computer, and when you read this book you will most probably feel the same.

Finally,this is one of those books that after you have read, you will want to share it with others, it is one of those books you will want to talk about especially if matters like this interest you, should you decide to purchase, pass it on, not left on the shelf!